How are our wellness classes different from other classes?

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wellness classesHow are our wellness classes different from other wellness or health coaching classes?

What We DO NOT offer: Jackson’s ALL WELLness Services, LLC (JAWS) Wellness Classes are NOT going to provide you with a MAGIC PILL or PATCH that will instantly make you healthy, happy, and whole.

What We DO offer: Our Wellness Classes provide ongoing encouragement and educational FACTS for you to determine what is good for you. We provide continued motivation for you to begin achieving your goals, and eventually your dreams. We know you are responsible for your own journey, and we like to be there for you to encourage, motivate, inspire you along the way. We strongly believe in the uniqueness of each individual.

What We DO discuss: During our Wellness classes (online or face to face), we discuss attitude, lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and spirituality.

We are tailored to willing and committed individuals who understand that achieving an important goal does not happen overnight or in a matter of a few days. However, these individuals DO understand that support and guidance from others, which may include support from a health coach, can be invaluable in ACHIEVING (a) goal (s) and LIVING a healthier and happier life.

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Jackson’s ALL WELLness Services, LLC