JAWS Longevity Class

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As part of our health coaching services, J.A.W.S. Longevity Class (for women over 40) starts on Saturday 03/04/17 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am at our location in New Port Richey, Florida. This class will last 4 consecutive Saturdays for 2 hours each time. When attending this class in person (as opposed to our online classes), you may attend each 2-hour session separately. That means you may attend a single 2-hour session (instead of all four 2-hour sessions). When attending only one 2-hour session, you may start at any time (03/04/17, 03/11/17, 03/18/17 or 03/25/17). Dr. Daniella Jackson’s classes are inspiring, practical, and uplifting.

As part of the material for our J.A.W.S. Longevity class (for all four 2-hour sessions), we will provide you with a free copy of Dr. William Sears’s Prime Time Health book, where the author offers simple and practical information about the four pillars of health (lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition).

Signing up for this wellness class is very easy. Just give us a call at (727) 767-9850 or go to our website. We look forward to seeing you in class.women health